Bringing international contemporary art to the Pacific Northwest through site specific projects



Cefalonia is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing international contemporary art to the Pacific Northwest through site-specific projects. Taking its name from the birthplace of Juan de Fuca (b. 1536 as Ioannis Phokas on the Ioanian island of Kefalonia), Cefalonia is committed to working with artists and locales that reveal issues of ecology and the socio-political climate of our time while promoting public discourse through the presentation of compelling art.


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Becoming American is the first biennial project of Cefalonia.  Exploring how artists engage the ongoing challenges of American iconography, identity, history, and formal inheritances, Becoming American is an international group exhibition sited on the grounds of the American and English camps on San Juan Island, WA, and satellite venues in Seattle.

Done in collaboration with the San Juan Island National Historical Park, the show ranges from site-specific works that respond to the inside/outside dynamics of the remaining historic buildings and the natural beauty of the island, to videos, paintings, photographs, print-based works, and sculptures that examine the perhaps permanent, never-to-be-resolved nature of the larger understanding of the Americas.   

Satellite venues in the city of Seattle include Specialist, located in Pioneer Square, and studio e, in Georgetown.  A full schedule of accompanying performances, film/video programming, and talks will be announced in June 2018.



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